Who Is Karen Bovard

Marital Status

Married (17+ years to George Bovard); two children--a girl (Caitlin) aged 11 and a boy (Billy) aged 7 years old. (See Family Photo Album.)


I work 3/4 time as an Electron Microscopy Technologist in the Department of Pathology at St. Joseph Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska (been there 17 years).

Tatting History

I have been tatting for about 20 years---taught the basics by my grandmother and then self-taught beyond that.

Tatting Interests

I have tatted alot of basic tatting patterns in the past and though I still love to tat article, I am currently fascinated by advanced tatting techniques, design elements, history of tatting especially evolution of tatting techniques.

Other Needlecraft Interests

Knitting, embroidery, macrame, sewing (including tailoring and heirloom sewing), cross-stitch, embroidery.

Future Projects

Learning to lace knit, identification of lace, and to do as many lace techniques as possible. (Will someday learn bobbin lacing but can't commit to it at this time)

Other Passions

Motorcycling--especially long-distance touring/camping on European motorcycles (especially Moto Guzzi's--hence the address of the Bovard Homepage). Children *always* go along in a double-wide sidecar (see George's Motorcycle Page). We (George and I) like to collect and ride unique (not rare) European motorcycles (I break them--George fixes them!) I teach motorcycle safety classes in the summers when not motorcycling myself. I'm usually not satisfied until the family takes at least a one-week long motorcycling/camping trip each year!

Lace Club Affiliations

Member of the ShuttleBugs Tatting Club of Omaha, IOLI (International Old Lacers), and the Ring of Tatters.

Sideline Business

Originator, designer, fabricator, quality control, publicist/promotor, sales department, shipping clerk, etc. of The ShuttleSmith Sterling Silver Tatting Shuttles.