George's Hacks

The rig on the left is our current rig, a double-wide Hannigan mounted on a 1986 BMW K100RS. We bought it in 1993, when our second child was on the way, to replace our single wide Vetter. The Vetter is on the right, mounted on a 1985 BMW K100RT. It was a great rig for one kid. We depended on it so much to get us to the many rallies we go to, that we were unwilling to have it "down" while we converted to the Hannigan. A great deal came along for the RS, with only 10,000 miles on it. We had planned to put all the RT stuff on the RS, but we liked the RS sooooo much better. First of all, no heat problems, ever. The RT tended to cook its rider if the temp ever went over 80. Over 90 it was down right unbearable. The RS handle bars had to go, so we put RT bars on it. A leading link from Unit Forks in England rounded out the package nicely.