1. Working Through the Basics

Instructor: Ronna Robertson. Ronna is a creative fiber artist from Manhattan, Kansas who thoroughly enjoys teaching the art of bobbin lacemaking.


Description: This class is designed for ANY lacer who wants to explore new ways to put together their "Twists & Crosses" in the creation of a bookmark, including grounds fillings, and fans. Gimp, tallies, and leaves may be included for those who *" want to explore them. The pattern will be provided.


Supplies: Lacers need 20 pairs of bobbins wound with tatting cotton ( 20.24inches each bobbin) and one pair with a gimp thread of DMC perle #12 ( 20-24 inches each bobbin), or compatible threads. A contrasting color is recommended for the gimp thread. Two additional pairs of bobbins should be wound with 4 feet each of a contrasting tatting cotton to be used as weavers.


2. Color Tricks and Torchon

Instructor: Debby Beever. Debby is a lacemaker from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is owner of "Lace and Such".

Description: Color Tricks in Torchon is a popular and fun class for the intermediate level of lacemaking. We will be creating a bookmark color sampler. Debby will bring the pattern. If you are speedy and able to finish-Debby will bring a pattern for the "Little Lacemaker" for you to start.

Supplies: 14 pairs of tatting cotton #80, white or ecru. ( 3yds per pair)

1 pair of a contrasting color med. / dark

1 pair of gimp thread to match contrasting color. You can use DMC floss

for this, #10 crochet thread, or something else-it just has to match.

4 pairs of the contrasting color with just % yd. on each bobbin ...


*Note: If you will be taking a bobbin lace class but wish to purchase the tatting workshop kit and patterns they will be available for $15.