1980 Vetter Terraplane / 1985 BMW K100RT



This is our first sidecar rig, which proved to be very safe and reliable, as well as being a great learning experience. It was assembled in 1990, not coincidentally with the birth of our first child (Caitlin). We already owned the BMW, which had 20,000 miles on it at the time. Being by far the most powerful (90hp) bike in our fleet, it was chosen to be sacrificed to the sidecar project. The search for a suitable "chair" was on. While we liked the looks of the more "classic" rounded, open look, we knew that 1) they didn't look like they belonged on something as modern and angular as the K-bike, and 2) we needed safety and weather protection to drag an infant to all the places we wanted to drag her too (Caitlin's first rally was in Iowa City, IA, 250 miles from home. She was 3 months old. She has attended 6 years in a row and she's only five years old!)

Here's where we got lucky. Starvin' Marvin (Nebraska M/C Parts in Omaha) had this 10 year old Terraplane, still on the pallet, advertised in the paper for $1500 (half what it listed for in 1980.) It was intended to be mounted on a Honda Goldwing and came with all the suitable mounting hardware. However, we wanted to mount it on a BMW which poses one slight problem in that it doesn't have a loop around frame to attach the sidecar to. Several shops manufacture "sub-frames" which are not cheap and look like over-kill, though you never can be too safe when attaching a sidecar. We lucked out again by finding Vern Goodwin of "Good-1" sidecars in Eagle, NE. He agrees to fabricate the custom mount, mount the sidecar, and set it up properly, all for a reasonable price. Karen makes a roof to keep the baby dry and in the shade, and we're off. We would still be driving this rig if not for the birth of our second child, Billy. The search is on again, this time for the best "double" car we can find ...